Here are some recent projects that we have been working on, with the help of our community! If you would like to apply for the 2015-2017 grant round, here is a link to the application: PCMRC 2015-2017 Grant Application


2017-2018 Projects

West Sands Island Beach Cleanup. The Sand Island Beach Cleanup and Children

Check out the link above for a summary and pictures of the project!

2016 Projects:

  • Grass Roots Garbage Gang
  • PCMRC Marine Science Club
  • Science Conference
  • WCMAC Representative
  • Chemical Soup

2015 Projects:

  • Naselle School
  • Willapa Valley School Salmon Project
  • Willapa Valley School Protecting Marine Resources Project
  • Pacific Vegetation Management
  • GrassRoots Garbage Gang
  • PC MRC Science Conference

2012 Projects:

  • 1) SOC participation
  • 2) Beach cleanups and Willapa Bay cleanup
  • 3) Education and Outreach activities through Stewards Of Our Peninsula and the Ilwaco School District
  • 4) 2012 Coastal Science Summit
  • 5) Website Maintenance
  • 6) Willapa Bay Creosote Piling Survey
  • 7) a media blitz project

Here are the Annual Reports:


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