Pacific County Marine Science Conference May 19th, 2018

2017 Pacific County Marine Science Conference May 20, 2017

  • 2016 Science Conference Agenda
  • PC MRC Science Conference Presentations May 2015:
  • Miranda Wecker, ONRC Univ. of WA., What I’ve learned working with and against agencies in Willapa Bay in the Past 25 years
  • Christian Smith, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Abernathy Fish                             Technology Center. Population/conservation genetics of Salmon in  SW           Coastal
  • Hans D. Radtke, Natural Resource Economist, Methodological Issues for Estimating Economic Contributions from Commercial and Recreational Fishing in Washington State and Pacific County. 
  • Kenneth I. Warheit & Todd Seamons, Molecular Genetics Laboratory,                    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Olympia, WA. Salmon Genetic in the Willapa –hatchery vs native vs naturalize
  • Julie Horowitz , Shellfish Policy Advisor, Office of Governor Jay                                Inslee. The Governor’s Shellfish Initiative- what does it mean for the Willapa
  • Curtis Roegner, NOAA , Hammond OR, Dungeons crab response to                       dredging spoils
  • PC MRC Science Conference Presentations May 2013:
  • WA MSP Website Viewer_Pac Co Science_May 18 2013_pdye
  • Dan Ayers-Management of Coastal Shellfish: Razor Clams, Dungeness Crab, Spot Prawns and the Willapa Bay Oyster Reserves.
  • Warren Michaelis-Migratory Birds in Willapa Bay & Red Knots in Willapa & Grays Harbor
  • Todd Sandell-Juvenille Salmonid Habitat Usage in the Grays Harbor Estuary
  • Jen Zamon-Boats, bars, birds, and bones: seabird ecology in the Graveyard of the Pacific.
  • Jacob Moore & Nick Haldeman-Update on Burrowing Shrimp Recruitment for 2012 & 2013
  • John Chapman-Surveying Japanese Marine Tsunami Debris Species to Measure the Risk & Test Invasion Theory
  • Will Ritchie-Snowy Plovers and Streaked Horned Larks

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