Science Conference and Presentations

 Pacific County Marine Science Conference May 19th, 2018

2017 Pacific County Marine Science Conference May 20, 2017

Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation, 2907 Pioneer Road, Long Beach, WA

  • 2016 Science Conference Agenda
  • PC MRC Science Conference Presentations May 2015:
  • Miranda Wecker, ONRC Univ. of WA., What I’ve learned working with and against agencies in Willapa Bay in the Past 25 years
  • Christian Smith, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Abernathy Fish                             Technology Center. Population/conservation genetics of Salmon in  SW           Coastal
  • Hans D. Radtke, Natural Resource Economist, Methodological Issues for Estimating Economic Contributions from Commercial and Recreational Fishing in Washington State and Pacific County. 
  • Kenneth I. Warheit & Todd Seamons, Molecular Genetics Laboratory,                    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Olympia, WA. Salmon Genetic in the Willapa –hatchery vs native vs naturalize
  • Julie Horowitz , Shellfish Policy Advisor, Office of Governor Jay                                Inslee. The Governor’s Shellfish Initiative- what does it mean for the Willapa
  • Curtis Roegner, NOAA , Hammond OR, Dungeons crab response to                       dredging spoils
  • PC MRC Science Conference Presentations May 2013:
  • WA MSP Website Viewer_Pac Co Science_May 18 2013_pdye
  • Dan Ayers-Management of Coastal Shellfish: Razor Clams, Dungeness Crab, Spot Prawns and the Willapa Bay Oyster Reserves.
  • Warren Michaelis-Migratory Birds in Willapa Bay & Red Knots in Willapa & Grays Harbor
  • Todd Sandell-Juvenille Salmonid Habitat Usage in the Grays Harbor Estuary
  • Jen Zamon-Boats, bars, birds, and bones: seabird ecology in the Graveyard of the Pacific.
  • Jacob Moore & Nick Haldeman-Update on Burrowing Shrimp Recruitment for 2012 & 2013
  • John Chapman-Surveying Japanese Marine Tsunami Debris Species to Measure the Risk & Test Invasion Theory
  • Will Ritchie-Snowy Plovers and Streaked Horned Larks

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