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The Pacific County Marine Resource Committee serves as a steward for the marine and estuarine resources in our county by facilitating science based policies, research, and education that enhance the sustainability of the economy and ecology of our communities.”

Pacific County Marine Resource Committee (PCMRC) is one of four Coastal County Marine Resource Committees. Through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the PCMRC is provided with grant funding to distribute to local group’s who create projects achieving the set benchmarks for this program. These benchmarks include projects pertaining to: Marine Habitats, Marine Life, Marine and Fresh Water Quality, Sound Science, Education and Outreach, and Coastal Communities.Through their activities, the PCMRC coordinates with diverse partners, supporting creative and action-oriented solutions, and providing a platform for education and outreach on local issues.

Photo Credit: Pat Schenk

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  1. I am writing in regard to the boat launch in Naselle, Wash. It has come to my attention that this property is owned by Pacific County and is in dire need of repair in order to be usable. I have spoken to a person from the WDFW and he said their department would be open to cleaning up the ramp and parking area, however they need permission from the county. This seems as if would be a win-win situation for the county. What can be done to expedite this so that the ramp is made usable for the fall salmon season starting in August? The person I spoke to was familiar with the launch and its current condition and thought it could be cleaned up and made usable fairly quickly. Please let me know what would be needed to get this project started….Thank you.

    1. Hi Greg!

      Do you happen to know who you spoke to a WDFW? I would assume the department to contact for this would be Public Works. If you give them a call and explain that you spoke with WDFW and they would be willing to clean and repair the launch then they might give them permission. 360-875-9368.

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